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Michael Thompson

Mr. Thompson has served as a director of our general partner since March 17, 2016. Mr. Thompson is serving as an independent member of the board of directors of the General Partner and has been named to the audit and conflicts committee of the board of directors of the General Partner. Mr. Thompson manages the WW Strategic Business Development team for HP Incorporated’s Managed Services organization. Mr. Thompson is responsible for incubation and initial traction for these businesses and partnerships. Mr. Thompson received a Bachelor’s of Arts from Brigham Young University, studying Japanese and Business Management. Prior to HP, Mr. Thompson managed his own consulting business for 12 years and was the president of two publicly-traded oil and gas companies. Mr. Thompson worked for Micron with roles as Director of Commercial Sales, International Operations, and President of Micron Asia. Mr. Thompson was selected to serve as a director due to his in-depth business knowledge and experience.
Financial Expert